07 May

Recently I worked a lot with Drupal 8 Form API and as always you need to add some attributes to your form element to avoid doing everything in the template file (which is not recommended).

You won't find what is following easily within Drupal documentation.


This is a standard form element.

$form['element'] = [
  '#type' => 'texfield' // or whatever expect DateTime.
  '#attributes' =>  [
    'class' => [

It generates:

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Grumpphp for Drupal
07 May

How to ensure that everyone on your team is following the same code standard? Install code sniffer.

Now that we are installing Drupal with composer, it becomes fairly easy to setup code sniffer for Drupal.

1st step: install libraries

composer require --dev phpro/grumphp

composer require --dev drupal/coder


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16 Jan

I discover today a very helpful module for all Drupal Front-end developer that migrate without training from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, it's callrd: twiggsuggest.

This module complete the twig template suggestions for Drupal 8 and therfore provides an great help to know with ease how to name your twig files and choose wisely which name to use.

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09 Dec

If you are installing Drupal via composer and you fond composer too slow: prestissimo is for you!

What's Prestissimo?

Prestissimo is a composer plugin that will enable parallel install process.

Drupal update or module installation requires often a lot of dependencies, therefore, composer will take a lot of time to find the appropriate version of everything and then take a lot of time to finish its process. The idea here is to speed up this process by using parallel threads.

How to install it?

It's really easy

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Focal point
19 Nov

Have you ever heard of the focal point module?

Focal point allows us to specify the portion of an image that is the most important. The feature gives us a selector to redefine the center of the display.

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08 Nov

What is Twig Tweak module? It’s a module which provides a Twig extension to embed easily some Drupal elements into the theme. In my opinion the audiance of this module is mainly front-end Drupal developer.

Let’s say you want to display a view into a region of the site, your options are:

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Bootstrap tour
31 Oct

The Bootstrap tour (bs_tour) module provides us with the ability to create a walkthrough of the Drupal interface to highlight the principal features and how to use the application. Considering the fact that most of the time we are creating applications to manage things, taking the time to create a guide embedded within the application we are building is a really nice-to-have. With this approach you ensure the knowledge ransfer to each new or potential user of the application.

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